Following Agapetherapy, several of the thousands of participants spoke of their experience:

« I felt a great internal disruption, but, at the same time, it was powerful, soft and beneficent » J.D.

«I arrived at the Cenacle depressed and anxious. It was through forgiveness that the pain left my heart to make place for peace.» F.G.

Maison de prière le Cénacle de Cacouna

«Feeling destroyed and in tears when I arrived, I leave +++ happy. In addition, my feet, my ankles and my spinal cord have been healed. » E.A.

«Following an accident, I was experiencing excruciating pain After the healing ministry, I removed my orthopedic corset and I no longer have pain in my body»   C.B.

«I arrived here alone, and today, I leave accompanied by three: God, my wife and me»   Y.B.

«While contemplating the huge cross in the chapel, I understood that God went to his death for me. It was, for me, an effusion of the Holy Spirit fire. My head and my entire body were on fire. I no longer experience pain in my back and my head.»   J.S.

«Much anger of fetal origins was poisoning my life. At the Sacrament of Forgiveness, I opened my heart, and the Lord said to me: «become a vessel and I will fill it with Myself». At that instant, I was filled with peace and love.»   L.D.

« I arrived very sad, and I now leave a little mischievous, playful, smiling and with much courage. My batteries have been recharged.» Y.L.

"Having engaged in an Agapetherapy session, … I dare say that, personally, I have rarely seen a "orchestration" as well refined which makes possible both the facilitation of a large group as well as the individual attention provided to each person. There is, I believe, the clearest will to accomplish a church mission desired by the Holy Spirit to heal today’s wounded people”
Monsignor Gérard Drainville, Bishop Emeritus of Amos

« The sacraments of Forgiveness and of the Eucharist are held in high esteem at the Cenacle. The ministry of healing through Agatherapy is a marvel, a gift of God for our wounded people. My life, previously underscored by darkness and suffering, has been transformed.»  M.R.

“I am deeply interested in the work of the Cenacle which offers a place of evangelization within the heart of our Church. People come from all walks of life to live a spiritual journey of rejuvenation, of conversion, healing, training, guidance. It was given to me to meet several who have benefited from an authentic renewal of their existence. I ask God to continue to bless this work and to make it fruitful through the Holy Spirit as "but the fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy , peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, service to others, self-control." galatians 5:22)
Monsignor Bertrand Blanchet, Bishop Emeritus of Rimouski

«I referred two persons who were suicidal to the Cenacle for an Agepetherapy session and they have been freed and healed; they now live a normal life»  Hubert

«Having participated in the healing ministry of agapetherapy, my doctor revealed to me at my last medical visit that my ultrasound no longer shows metastasis of cancer in my liver. He said to me “Madam, your faith is strong, I am baffled».  Jeannine

« Upon arriving at the Cenacle, a part of me was dead, I was hurting inside, I wanted to commit suicide. I feel resuscitated. » A woman abandoned by her husband

« I have lived my life as a thief, I have known prison life for a number of years. When I arrived at the Cenacle, my heart was filled with rage and revenge, but I wanted a way out. Through the prayers of deliverance and forgiveness, the venom in me was expelled. I feel like a new man. I have been attending the prayer groups for a year and I am discovering that only God can give me real joy. »
An ex-prisoner

«Agapetherapy has saved many of my patients who were in despair and suicidal » A psychiatrist

«I’ve appreciated the journey that I feel is the work of the Holy Spirit. A well-heeled inspiration, well balanced, sequenced, discreet and respectful, humane, psychological and spiritual» A psychologist

«For the past three years, I have enjoyed a new life. Everything has changed: I no longer need alcohol or drugs and my heart is filled with prayer. I didn’t know one could be so happy. » An ex alcoholic-drug addict

«I am amazed that the Lord can accomplish in the space of a few hours what psychology and medicine could not accomplish in a few years. »
A doctor

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