AGAPETHERAPY means “Healing through the love of God.”

The word Agapetherapy means "healing through the love of God". It is an intensive session which is held over six days and is aimed at revisiting the important stages of our development as a person to identify the roots of wounds and traumas that still hinder us today.

Using Prayer and Forgiveness, those traumas and wounds are presented to the Lord so that He may heal them and reverse the consequences.

Over the years, this experience of liberation has revealed that wounds can be far reaching, as far away as in our heredity . Most often, the traumas that have marked our ancestors were transmitted from one generation to the next and continue to affect us today.

During Agapetherapy, we are invited to lay our suffering in the heart of God by forgiving those who have wounded us, often without trying to or knowing that they had done so. We thus allow Him to fill our need for love, to free us from our bitter memories and to give us a renewed life.

This approach is based on God’s eternal “now” where all things are constantly present to Him. Whether they are 20, 50 or 70 years old, all our wounds are present in the Lord's eternal “now” and His healing power knows no bounds. This God of love can correct, repair and heal today everything that has been damaged in us in the past.

The three main parts of Agapetherapy
  • Identification of root causes of our current difficulties
  • Forgiveness of those who are responsible for our wounds and trauma
  • Healing prayer

A combined approach:


The talks outline the different stages of the human development and the possible consequences of rejection and of emotional deprivation experienced at specific stages of our development. In order to allow the Lord to apply the balm of His healing on our woundedness, we first need to identify the origins of our current difficulties and of our inadequate attitudes and behavior.

… and individual guidance

A guide, thoroughly trained, welcomes each participant so that he or she may feel unconditionally accepted in an atmosphere of respect and discretion, no matter which errors or wounds are disclosed. This individual guidance also allows those who do not have the faith or who do not know how to pray to lean on the prayer of their guide.

Agapetherapy is for
  • Any person wishing to live a rewarding experience of greater wellness, of liberation in order to experience human, moral, psychological or spiritual growth;
  • Any person wishing to be healed from trauma, obsessions, addictions, compulsive behaviors related to alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex and food, etc.;
  • Any person who does not feel happy in his, her life and who has tried other approaches without significant improvement;
  • Any person who may have turned to the occult, New Age and the paranormal to be healed and who have emerged from these approaches with additional turmoil.

This intensive method of deliverance is not recommended for people suffering from severe psychological disorders. In order to avoid regrettable situations, it is therefore appropriate for each person registering to provide precise information on their state of health.

The fruits of Agapetherapy
  • Individuals regain their zest for life
  • Suicidal tendencies disappear
  • Various addictions are healed
  • Fears and anxieties are released
  • Couples in difficulty regain the love they felt for one another in the early days of their marriage, etc
  • Many experience the presence of the Lord acting in their life.

Since 1980, people of all backgrounds and from more than 80 different countries have come to the Cenacle to experience Agapetherapy and a privileged encounter with the Lord.

For additional information about the process of Agapetherapy, see our sections testimonials and The Cenacle 1980-2005 in our photos and videos gallery.

Next sessions

Consult our calendar of events to find out about Agapetherapy session dates. Check-in is between 2:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Sessions start at 5:00 p.m. and end on the sixth day at 1:00 p.m. Registration is required.

You all have your place HERE under God’s sun. The Lord awaits to lend you His helping hand via a team of volunteers attentive to your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us.
We extend a warm Welcome to all!